To place an order or request more information about CTLink, please contact us:Cambodian Translation Link (CTLink) is a leading Cambodian consulting and Khmer localization service provider. It was  originally established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2002 by Chanroeun Pa (Profile) together with a dynamic  and experienced consulting  team of Khmer and expatriate who specialized in various disciplines.  And then in 2008, it was relocated an office in Canberra to concentrate on the key Australian market. CTLink is well- known for providing great value at extremely competitive rates, high quality of translation, and prompt service. It has been fully recognized by many local and international organizations, companies, book publishers, UN agencies and embassies in both Cambodia and abroad such as Australian Embassy, UNESCO, Nokia, BlackBerry, oversea translation agencies in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the USA, France, South Korea, Japan, India and other organizations and individual clients with wide range of documents for various purposes.


1- Translation
2- On-site and Telephone Interpreting Service
3- Khmer Language Course and Online Khmer Language Lessons
4- Editing, Proofreading and Copy-writing
5- Project Management and Research Consultancy
6- Transcription and Khmer Typesetting
7- Multilingual DTP and Preparation Manuscript for Publication
8- Cross-Cultural Training and Facilitation


CTLink is a leading Khmer localization and consultancy service that upholds and promotes the quality and professionalism in interpretation and translation. Our translators and interpreters are abide by the following code of ethics and practices:

1- Professional Conduct: Interpreters and translators shall at all times act in accordance with the standards of conduct and decorum appropriate to the aims of CTLink, the national professional association of interpreters and translators.
2- Confidentiality: Interpreters and translators shall not disclose information acquired during the course of their assignments.
3- Competence: Interpreters and translators shall undertake only work which they are competent to perform in the language areas for which they are “accredited” or “recognized”.
4- Impartiality: Interpreters and translators shall observe impartiality in all professional contracts.
5- Accuracy: Interpreters and translators shall take all reasonable care to be accurate.
6- Employment: Interpreters and translators shall be responsible for the quality of their work, whether employed as freelance practitioners or by interpreting and translation agencies or other employers.
7- Professional Development: Interpreters and translators shall continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills.
8- Professional Solidarity: Interpreters and translators shall respect and support their fellow professionals.