We have proudly worked with many government agencies, national and international organizations, private companies, publishers, oversea translation agencies namely:

  1. Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh
  2. UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand
  3. TIS National Centre, Australia
  4. Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia
  5. Traidcraft, UK
  6. IRD, France
  7. Nokia
  8. BlackBerry
  9. Adithmultilanguages, India
  10. Medicine Du Monde (MD), Cambodia
  11. VaulesTran, Vietnam
  12. T-Ch Cooperation, Cambodia
  13. Glyph Language Services, USA
  14. Green Crescent Translations, USA
  15. Centre of Languages, Malaysia
  16. Kaynak Publishing Group, Turkey
  17. Monagan Mushroom Ltd., Canada
  18. ALTS Translation Services, New Zealand
  19. Isikyayinlari Publishing Company, Turkey
  20. International Research-Thailand, Thailand
  21. The Blue Sutra Foundation, Thailand
  22. Cambodian Buddhist Temple in Canberra, Australia
  23. Thai-Japanese Institute of Technology, Thailand
  24. Pacific Internation Translations (NZ) Ltd, New Zealand
  25. Research International Asia-Thailand Limited, Thailand
  26. Cambodian Centre for Applied Philosophy and Ethics, Cambodia
  27. Many other organisation and individual clients withwiderange of documents for various purposes.

Sample of our work which can be downloaded from the UNESCO Bangkok Website

Books and Other Publications translated by us:

1. English-Khmer Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion (English into Khmer)
2. Ethics of Energy Technologies in Asia and the Pacific(book chapter translation from English into Khmer)
3. Consultant Handbook (English into Khmer)
4. Legal Framework and Regulation on Export Control
5. Introduction to Bioethics Education (book chapter translation from English into Khmer)
6. Jesus: His Mission and Miracles (English into Khmer)
7. Islam and Democracy (English into Khmer)
8. The Necessity of Interfaith Dialogue: A Muslim Perspective (English into Khmer)
9. Islam the Universal Faith (English into Khmer)
10. Mary(English into Khmer)
11. Introduction to the Technology of Modeling (Thai into Khmer)
12. The Blue Sutra (English> Khmer)
13. English-Khmer Buddhist Dictionary (in progress)
14. English-Khmer Technical Dictionary (in progress
15. Other over 100K words translation project